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We always try to go the extra step for our patients and their owners. In order to provide you with some additional information, we have listed some hand-picked links which might be of interest to you.

healthy paws
Our top-rated plan covers everything that matters including injuries, illnesses, generic conditions and emergency care.
Home Again Microchip for Dogs
Get a HomeAgain microchip for dogs or cats and enroll in our annual membership program that enhances a pet microchip with pet safety & wellness benefits.
American Kennel Club
AKC.org offers information on dog breeds, competition events, club search for training and services, dog ownership and registration to help you discover more things to enjoy with your dog.
American Veterinary Medical Association
The AVMA Web site is the place where veterinary professionals, pet owners and animal lovers go to find comprehensive information on pet care, animal health, veterinary medicine and careers in veterinary medicine, public health and animal health news.
West Point K-9 Academy
West Point K-9 is a family owned business which is located in the heart of Horse Country near the Kendall area in Miami, Florida. We specialize in dog boarding, training and sales on two and a half acres of green countryside.

Our business was started in the late 1960's in New York City and was then moved and reopened at our present site in the early 1980's. This year marks our 40th year in business, all by word of mouth on our excellent reputation. "Often copied but never imitated", has become our motto.
Caribbean Ostriches
Caribbean Ostriches is a small family owned ostrich breeding farm located in the town of Jarabacoa in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. A side form breeding ostriches and selling young chicks to the general public, we also make and sell a variety of one of a kind arts and crafts made out of the egg shells.
A Country Cat House
A Cat Boarding and Grooming Kennel in Miami, F
lorida. a five-paw vacation resort for cats only accredited by PCSA (Pet Care Services Association) serving South Florida cat owners for more than 25 years.
National Animal Poison Control Center
This is the website of the National Animal Poison Control Center. It includes a library, links to other sites, and phone numbers for the poison control center.
Choosing a New Puppy
This is a starter guide of things that you should consider when you are thinking about getting a puppy.
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
An excellent series of how-to videos provided by Cornell University's Feline Health Center.




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